CTE Global Inc. is recognized by enzyme users throughout the world for our quality enzyme products, technological support for the different industries, and competitive prices.  Our products are used in United States, Latin America, Europe, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Latvia, Russia and the Former Soviet Republics.


CTE Global, Inc. is a direct representative for two production facilities located in China.  Our products are composed of dozens of series relating to over 150 enzymatic preparations and formulations that are applied in at least 15 industries which are used in over 25 countries.

The products are safe and effective substitutes of the harsh chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process of many industries. They originate in plants, vegetables, bacteria and fungi, featuring their eco-friendly and environmentally-oriented nature. The fermentation products help by solving problems in related cornindustries by simultaneously enhancing manufacturing efficiency and lowering the production costs.

Beyond and above the range of different products which we offer, our technical teams and development labs are always striving for new enzymatic preparations which are more market-oriented and environment-friendly.

CTE Global is looking forward to developing a strong and mutually beneficial relationships with Ethanol Producers throughout the world.