Collaborative partnerships. Innovative solutions.

Our Technology Center optimizes plant processes to improve efficiency, increase yields, reduce costs, lower CI scores, and more

Our Operation Services Team offers next-level support to increase plant profitability via operational improvements

Our Technical Services Team provides reliable, relatable experts on-site to launch our products and help troubleshoot

Together, let’s ensure your plant’s success

CTE Global is a provider of unparalleled customer service for ethanol plants across the United States, providing optimized solutions and innovation every step of the way.

Technical Support

Our Technical Account Managers have extensive industry experience and understand the ethanol making process from end to end. Through ongoing onsite visits, we assist plants in improving their processes.

Bioprocess Academy

Increase your plant IQ with our specialized training academy. Our Operations staff have decades of experience and are primed to help your staff succeed through innovative methods. Click below to find out more.

Our Technology Center

We have expanded the size of our technology center, increased staff, added new equipment, and enhanced testing capabilities in order to continue to provide the fast, sophisticated testing that you expect. Find out more here.