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Our knowledgeable team of scientists take the utmost care to ensure your plant runs at its maximum efficiency. We’re here to analyze your samples from every part of the process, providing you with a full plan to optimize fermentation, try out our new products and operate at full capacity.



Ethanol molecule


Our goal is to support improvements to plant efficiency and performance through advanced analytics and a multitude of services. Contact your CTE Global Technical Service Rep today to find out more!


Analyze Starch Conversion Efficiency


Profile nitrogen quality and yeast performance


Trace corn oil through extraction process


New product optimization


Educational Lab Roundtable - every Spring

Endeavor Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Enhancing synchronization between conversion and fermentation kinetics to improve sugar conversion kinetics, lowering yeast stress and improving yield, Endeavor supports finishing fermentation on time, minimizing residual sugars to improve yield.

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Customer Testimonials

We wanted to extend our sincere thanks for hosting and giving us a tour of the site and the Lab. It was a very productive visit. I enjoyed speaking with your team and getting so many ideas that I can’t wait to use!!! Thank you again for the pros and cons and the many tips throughout the tour.

- Louis Dreyfus Company

The Tech Center group is awesome! They are there when I need help or just have a question. Always very nice and friendly.

- NuGen

The Tech Center is a great resource and the personnel are very knowledgeable and helpful.

- Tharaldson