2023 Producers Roundtable

November, 2023

Des Moines, IA

About Producers Roundtable

This year, the new and improved Producers Roundtable welcomed all Plant Managers, Production Managers, Operation Managers, and Team Leads. Attendees gained extensive knowledge from multiple modules, presented by our knowledgeable Technical Services and Operational employees. With decades in the business, our presenters assisted our attendees with optimal plant efficiency, problem solving and troubleshooting, giving our ethanol plant partners the tools to help their plants run at maximum efficiency.

Pheasant Hunting

On November 1st, we had a full day of pheasant hunting at Doc’s Hunt Club, encouraging team bonding and discussion.


During the evening of November 1st, we hosted a get to know you dinner in the Speakeasy event room at The Iowa Taproom in downtown Des Moines



On November 2nd, our attendees joined us at the Renaissance Hotel’s Iowa Ballroom for a full day of discussion, Q&A and industry insight that allowed them to implement strategies that would optimize their plant’s efficiencies

Featured Speakers

This year’s agenda featured a wide range of topics including Product Innovation & Advancements, Running Successful Trials, Audit Analysis Review, Energy Reduction Methods, all engineered to help our ethanol plant partners succeed. 

Jeff Unsinger

Jeff Unsinger

Operations Service and Support Director

Dr Pedro Pena

VP Technology & Innovation

Matthew Ban

Director of Technical Services

Jon VanSickle

Operations Services and Support Manager